Smiley face   Molecular Engineering for Cellular Imaging and Reprogramming

Principal Investigators

Peter Yingxiao Wang

Professor of Bioengineering


Dr. Wang obtained a Ph. D. in Bioengineering at UCSD. He worked at University of Illinois as an assistant professor and an associate professor. He is interested in molecular engineering, fluorescence resonance energy transfer (FRET), live cell imaging, and bio-nanotechnology to visualize and elucidate the molecular mechanisms by which live cells perceive the environment and to engineer machinery molecules for the reprogramming of cellular functions.

Shaoying (Kathy) Lu

Project Scientist and Co-PI

Dr. Lu obtained a Ph. D. in Computational Mathematics at UCSD. Dr. Lu is working on image-driven mathematical and systems biology, with applications on live cell imaging for molecular transport, activation, and interactions.

Postdoctoral Researchers

Ziliang Huang

Dr. Huang obtained a Ph. D. in Chemical Engineering at Tsinghua University. He is working on molecular engineering, protein engineering, FRET imaging, and engineering multi-functional molecular machines in cells.

Qin Peng

Dr. Peng obtained a B.S. and Ph. D in Bioengineering at Chongqing University. Her research focuses on developing FRET biosensors to monitor epigenetic and genetic signaling in stem cell mechanobiology.

Hsin-Hung Lin

Dr. Hsin-Hung Lin obtained a Ph. D. in Chemical Biology and Molecular Biophysics Program, Academia Sinica in cooperation with Department of Life Science, National Tsing Hua University. He is current working on FRET biosensor application in cell biology.

Graduate Students

Yijia Pan

Yijia obtained her B.S. in Biology at Tsinghua University. She is currently working on developing FRET biosensors and molecular machines with applications in neuroscience and mechanobiology.

Pengzhi (Eric) Wang

Pengzhi received his B.S. degree in fundamental sciences (Chemistry & Biology) at Tsinghua University in 2011. He is currently a PhD student in Bioengineering Department at UC San Diego.

Mint Praopim Limsakul

Mint obtained a B.S. in Physics at Prince of Songkla University, Thailand. She is currently working on library screening and protein engineering.

Molly Allen

Molly obtained a B.S. in Bioengineering at UC Berkeley. She is currently working on molecular engineering of FRET biosensors with applications in cancer biology.

Yiqian (Shirley) Wu

Shirley obtained her B.Eng in Biomedical Engineering at Chinese University of Hong Kong. She is currently working on an inverse diffusion project.

Rongxue Wan

Rongxue obtained her B.S. in biology at Fuyang Teachers' College. She is a visiting Ph.D. student from Chongqing University, and currently using FRET Biosensors to study the effect of mechanical environment on T-cells functions.

Yiwen Shi

Yiwen obtained her B.S. degree in Applied Mathematics at Tongji University. She is currently working with Dr. Lu on the diffusion problems.

Charlotte Hepples

Charlotte is a visiting graduate student and Capstaff Fellowship scholar from Newcastle University, UK, where she is currently reading for a PhD in Chemistry. Complementing the LJ Higham group's research on mitochondria-specific fluorescent phosphonium salts, Charlotte is interested in developing further insight into the applications of live-cell imaging.

Chi-Wei Man

Chi-Wei obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Biochemistry and a Bachelor of Science in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering. He currently works on library design and protein engineering.

Undergraduate Students

Rinoka Sato

Rinoka is a fourth year Bioengineering: Biotechnology undergraduate working on drug-resistant cancer cell research.

Huoran Yuan

Huoran(Lydia) is a fourth year Bioengineering: Biotechnology undergraduate student. She is currently working with Dr. Peng on locus-specific epigenetic signaling

June Korrawee Pruegsanusak

June is a third year Bioengineering: Biotechnology undergraduate.

Katherine Lowe

Katherine is a second year Bioengineering major, and she is working with Dr. Lu on modeling the epidermal growth factor receptor system.

Yousef Elafrangi

Yousef is a second year Bioengineering major working with Dr. Lu on modeling several epidermal growth factor receptor systems

Natalie Tetreault

Natalie is a second year Bioengineering: BioSystems major. She is currently working on cell culture and imaging, specifically with cancer cells and various treatments.

Tong Jin

Tong is a first year student majoring in Mathematics: Applied Science. She is currently working with Dr. Lu on fungi slide image analysis.

Madinah Najib

Madinah Najib is a first year undergraduate Biomedical Engineering student working with Dr. Lu on Fluocell and Quanty data analysis.

Visiting Scholar

Sangpil Yoon

Dr. Sangpil Yoon received his PhD in mechanical engineering from the University of Texas at Austin. His current research interests are biomedical ultrasound applications to molecular and cellular biology and intravascular ultrasound (IVUS) imaging.

Wei Zhou

Dr. Zhou received her MD and PhD in internal medicine from ChongQing Medical University. She is a radiation oncologist in ChongQing cancer hospital. Her current research interests are CAR-T potential treatment of solid tumors.


Scientists, Postdoctoral Researchers, and Ph. D. Students
Jie Sun , PhD student 2008-2012, (Beckman Fellow), now a 1000 young scientist at Zhejiang U.
Jihye Seong, PhD student, 2006-2012, (Beckman Graduate Fellow), now a principal investigator at KIST.
Taejin Kim , PhD student, 2007-2013, (Beckman Graduate Fellow), now a principal investigator at KIST.
Wagner Shin Nishitani, PhD student 2008-2012, now a postdoc fellow at St. Paul University, Brazil
John Eichorst, PhD student 2008-2013, now a postdoc fellow at University of Minnesota
Bo Liu, postdoctoral researcher, now a professor at DaLian University of Technology, China
Li-Jung Lin, postdoctoral researcher, now at Oregon Health & Science University
Mingxing Ouyang, project scientist
Bin-bin Cheng, postdoctoral researcher
Lei Lei , postdoctoral researcher
Yu-Chi Chen, postdoctoral researcher
Shuai Zheng, postdoctoral researcher

Graduate students (master, rotation, visiting)
Lunan Shao, master student, 2012-2017, currently a graduate student at School of Dentistry in University of Michigan.
Yanmin Ji, master student, 2012-2017, currently a graduate student at CMU.
Lexie Qin Qin, master student, 2015-2017, currently a Java Programmer at Paypal.
Eddie Chung, master student, 2013-2014, currently at Devacell Inc., San Diego.
Wade Zhang, Po-Chao Wen, Jing Xu, Min Huang, Kaiwen Zhang, Real Chen, Tongcheng Qian, Johnson Liu, Lucas Yi-Liang Liu, Ted Dong, Ya-Chi Lin, Yang Yu, Hang Yu

Undergraduate students researcher
Christopher Lee (UCSD) Shannon Laub (UCSD 2015-2017, but sometimes she'll come by to say hi) Ya Gong (UCSD-BioE 2014-2016); Boulus Haddad (UCSD-BioE 2015-2016, Now at Beepi) (2015); Agamoni Bhattacharyya (2014); Masaru Niidate (2013); Lisa Liu (2013); Homa Rahnamoun (2013); Yen Lu (2013); Christina Winter (UIUC-BioE 2011, Project Engineer at Intertek Corporate); Steve Chang, (UIUC-Chem2010, PhD student at MIT); Jack Krieger (UIUC-Physics 2011, PhD student in Georgia Tech); Yixing Gong (UIUC 2012, PhD student at CAS).

Technicians and Researchers
He Huang, Yi Wang.

Visiting Scholars
Qiuping Guo, UCSD 2016, associate professor in HuNan University.
Wei Wang, UCSD 2016, associate professor in China Pharmaceutical University.
Yan Huang, UCSD 2014, associate professor in HuNan University.
Yan Zhang, UIUC 2012, associate professor at CAS.
Ping Zhang, visiting Scholar 2014.
Xiaoling Liao, UIUC 2010-2011, now a professor and director of the Biomaterials and Live Cell Imaging Institute, CUST University.>

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