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Recent News

06/22/17: Jie and Lei's paper has been accepted, congrats!

06/16/17: Sangpil's paper is accepted, congratulations!

04/02/17: Another paper by Jihye and Min is accepted, congratulations!

01/17/17: Shannon and Rinoka were selected as FISP fellows at UCSD. Congrats!

01/10/17: Shirley was selected as graduate awardee at the BMES/CMBE conference. Congratulations, Shirley!

01/05/17: We helped organizing a cool conference of enabling technologies in cellular and molecular bioengineering at Hawaii.

06/15/16: Good news, Shirley's paper on the dynamic coupling between kinase activity and protein assembly within single focal adhesion complex in live cells is accepted by Scientific Reports.

01/05/16: Jie Sun was selected by the 1000 young-scientist program in China to start her own lab. Congratulations, Jie!

08/05/15: Taejin assumed a PI position at KIST to start his own lab. Congratulations, Taejin!

08/03/15: We hosted a FRET live cell imaging and quantitation summer workshop. More information.

07/23/15: Good news, Eddie's paper on activatable FRET Nanosensor for single cell imaging and profiling is accepted by Nano Letters.

06/10/15: Good news, Yue and Tongcheng's paper on subcellular and dynamic coordination between Src activity and cell protrusion is accepted by Scientific Reports.

01/21/15: Good news, Jie and Taejin's paper on mechanotransduction of organelle calcium release is accepted by Elife.

11/06/14: Good news, Taejin's paper on alpha-catenin FRET biosensor is accepted by Current Biology.

08/07/14: Kathy won a grant jointly supported by NSF and NIH. Congratulations!

06/24/14: Good news, Kathy's paper on correlative FRET imaging is accepted by Scientific Reports.

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If you are interested in requesting our constructs, please contact Kathy Lu, citing the paper(s) and plasmid names. We are also working with Addgene to deposit our constructs there.


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