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  Molecular Engineering for Cellular Imaging and Reprogramming

Recent News

  • 01/07/22 Congratulations to Shirley and Adam for winning travel and poster awards at 2022 CMBE meeting!

  • 12/22/21 Congratulations to Shirley et al for the review paper on engineering controllable CAR T cells for enhanced efficacy and safety, Accepted by APL Bioengineering as a featured article!

  • 12/06/21 Congratulations to Haohsiang et al for the paper on genetic engineering of monocytes for cancer immunotherapy, Accepted by Bioengineering & Translational Medicine!

  • 11/29/21 Congratulations to Ya, Chujun, Longwei et al for the paper on FRET imaging of histone H3K27 methylation in live cells, Accepted by ACS Sensors!

  • 06/29/21 Congratulations to Longwei for the paper on FRET-seq utilizing directed evolution strategy to integrate FRET, high throughput FACS and next generation sequencing to optimize FRET biosensors directly in mammalian cells, Accepted by Nature Communications!

  • 06/28/21 Congratulations to Shirley for her paper on Remote and Non-invasive Control of Genetics and CAR T Cells in vivo for Cancer Immunotherapy by Focused Ultrasound, Accepted by Nature Biomedical Engineering!

  • 02/27/20 Congratulations to Adam and Shirley for the paper on Light-controllable CAR T Cells for Cancer Immunotherapy, published by Science Advances!

  • 11/28/19 Congratulations to Shirley for being selected as one of the 2020 class of Siebel Scholar!

  • 11/27/19 Congratulations to Ali, Linshan, Molly, Kathy and co-authors for the papers accepted on molecular engineering for cell-based therapies, and high throughput live cell imaging and analysis!

  • 08/28/19 Congratulations to Rongxue, Kathy and coauthors for the paper on a new Lck FRET biosensor and its application of live T cell imaging published by Science Advances, and to Yijia and Mingxing for their two papers on Eph receptor and Fyn biosensors published by ACS Sensors!

  • 06/07/19 Congratulations to Mint on winning the 2018-2019 Shunichi Usami Ph.D. Thesis Design Award for her excellent work on her PhD thesis Engineering Molecular Modules Through Directed Evolution for Applications in Single-Cell Imaging and Immunotherapy!

  • 10/29/18 Congratulations to Qin and her coauthors for her paper on live cell tracking of dynamic histone methylations/phosphorylations accepted by PNAS, and to Yijia, Linshan and Sanpil on the review article accepted by Current Opinion in Biomedical Engineering!

  • 09/11/18 TUN press has recognized Yijia Pan, Molly Allen & Yiqian Wu for their outstanding work in cancer research, as part of ‘killin’ it’ series. Congrats!

  • 08/19/18 Pengzhi's paper on directed evolution to optimize Src FRET biosensor and intercellular imaging have been accepted by ACS Photonics, congrats!

  • 08/02/18 Congratulations to Chiwei on receiving 2018-19 ARCS Scholarship!

  • 03/27/18 Sangpil will become an assistant professor to start his own lab at University of Notre Dame, Hearty Congrats!

  • 12/29/17 Yijia's paper on mechanogenetics for ultrasound-controllable T cells and immunotherapy has been accepted by PNAS, congrats!

  • 12/29/17 Mint and Qin's paper on directed evolution and protein engineering for live cell imaging has been accepted by Cell Chemical Biology, congrats!

  • 06/16/17 Sangpil's paper is accepted, congratulations!

  • 06/22/17 Jie and Lei's paper has been accepted by Nature Communications, congrats!

  • 04/02/17 Another paper by Jihye and Min is accepted, congratulations!

  • 01/17/17 Shannon and Rinoka were selected as FISP fellows at UCSD. Congrats!

  • 01/10/17 Shirley was selected as graduate awardee at the BMES/CMBE conference. Congratulations, Shirley!

  • 01/05/17 We helped organizing a cool conference of enabling technologies in cellular and molecular bioengineering at Hawaii.

  • 06/15/16 Good news, Shirley's paper on the dynamic coupling between kinase activity and protein assembly within single focal adhesion complex in live cells is accepted by Scientific Reports.

  • 01/05/16 Jie Sun was selected by the 1000 young-scientist program in China to start her own lab. Congratulations, Jie!

  • 08/05/15 Taejin assumed a PI position at KIST to start his own lab. Congratulations, Taejin!

  • 08/03/15 We hosted a FRET live cell imaging and quantitation summer workshop. More information.

  • 07/23/15 Good news, Eddie's paper on activatable FRET Nanosensor for single cell imaging and profiling is accepted by Nano Letters.

  • 06/10/15 Good news, Yue and Tongcheng's paper on subcellular and dynamic coordination between Src activity and cell protrusion is accepted by Scientific Reports.

  • 01/21/15 Good news, Jie and Taejin's paper on mechanotransduction of organelle calcium release is accepted by Elife.

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